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Black & White & Blue Series


This series by Brian C. Roll has a more artistic twist to the usual black & white, with a beautiful blue tint. This addition breathes a little more life into these drawings of actors, athletes and celebrities. The famous people include:

  • Derek Jeter, famous New York Yankee
  • Bono, Singer of the band U2
  • Stephen Amell, Green Arrow, responsible for pioneering CW and DC’s Arrowverse

In addition to this artistic collection, we also have a series featuring Superhero Alter Egos on a Digital Metallic Print. You can find other art featuring characters from movies & tv. Shop from:

Brian’s passion for drawing and pop culture have combined for some of the best and most unique pieces of wall art you can buy on the internet. We hope you find pieces you love and will be proud to display in your favorite spots!